• What are the perks for my business from implementing an e-commerce Mobile application?

    1. With an e-commerce app, you have the opportunity to broaden your customer reach beyond your current location to the entire city.

    2. By implementing an e-commerce app, you can now establish your store's brand identity across the city.

    3. Your business can now operate non-stop, every day of the week, without altering your store hours.

    4. By reducing overhead costs, you can expand your business without having to open a new store in another location

    5. You can provide your customers with the option of either online shopping self pickup or the convenience of home delivery

    6. By retaining your existing customers, you can prevent them from redirecting some of their purchases to other e-commerce platforms

  • Will the app be branded under our store name or under the name of ActiveShop?

    The app is a white-labeled solution, featuring your business name and logo.

  • What is the estimated time frame for developing my app?

    Once you upload your active product list to your admin portal, we can launch your mobile app on the appropriate app store within as few as three days

  • Is it possible for customers to access our store through a website?

    You and your team can manage the admin panel through a website, but if you want website access for your customers, it can be developed for single vendor solutions for an additional cost.

  • What is the process for controlling and managing the app?

    Yes, we provide the ActiveShop Merchant App and a web-based control panel, which can be accessed using your username and password. Both the app and the admin panel give you full access and control to manage customer orders.

  • Is it possible to restrict access to certain data, as I don't want every member of my team to have access to all information in admin panel?

    No, for this, you need to opt for the single vendor solution, where you can assign roles to your team members and determine who can access different features of the admin control panel.

  • Is there a feature in the app for communicating with customers?

    Yes, that's correct. There are several ways to communicate with your app users, including using banners within the app, push notifications. To use SMS notifications, you would need to proceed with a single vendor solution, as SMS is a regulated form of communication that requires special infrastructure and compliance with various regulations. Additionally, it's important to keep in mind that users must opt-in to receive SMS notifications and that excessive use can lead to a poor user experience, so it's important to use these features judiciously.

  • What are the methods for transferring or synchronizing product data with the app and other systems, such as a POS software?

    "You have the option to manually transfer product information through the admin panel, or opt for a seamless integration by purchasing our Single Vendor Solution. This will provide you with a unified solution for exporting and importing data with your app and your POS software."

  • Can you explain the concept of POS integration?

    A connection is established between your POS system and app to synchronize pricing information, inventory levels, orders, and sales data.

  • Can you describe the process of integrating my POS system with the app?

    In order to integrate the data in your Mobile App, we require that you provide us with the API from your POS vendor.

  • If I decide to switch to a different POS system after integration, what are the consequences?

    Not an issue. As long as the new POS system has an API, we can perform the integration with your app.

  • Is it necessary for us to rely on the ActiveShop team for adding new products?

    We have implemented an easy-to-use feature for adding new products through the admin panel. In the event that you encounter any difficulties, our customer support team is ready to assist you.

  • How can I verify if there are any orders received on the app?

    You will receive a notification whenever an order is placed. You can also check the status of received orders through the admin panel or in the merchant mobile app.

  • Is billing facilitated through the app for customers?

    Yes, customers are able to view the total cost of the products they have ordered, including any delivery fees. They have the option to pay either through cash on delivery or card on delivery.

  • Is it necessary for us to rely on the ActiveShop team for adding new products?

    We've developed a straightforward function within your admin panel that enables you to effortlessly add new products. In the event that you encounter any difficulties, our customer support team is at your disposal to provide assistance.

  • Does ActiveShop offer any assistance with creating images for new products, as well as banners for promotions and offers?

    Certainly. ActiveShop provides a service for creating new product images and banner artworks. To learn more about this service, including pricing and estimated turnaround times, please contact us to request a rate card.

  • Can ActiveShop assist us in categorizing our products effectively and managing our catalog?

    Absolutely. As part of ActiveShop's onboarding process, we assist with properly categorizing and naming your products. Additionally, we can help create images and descriptions for all of your products.

  • What is the pricing for this service?

    We offer various plans that are tailored to the specific needs and scale of your business. Please contact us to discuss these options in more detail.

  • I have multiple branches. Is it possible to manage more than one store using a single app, or will I need to use multiple apps?

    Absolutely, our app includes provisions for managing multiple stores through a single App.

  • How secure is the protection of my data?

    ActiveShop adheres to the data privacy laws of the country, and we take the confidentiality and security of your data very seriously. You can trust that we have your best interests in mind and employ robust measures to protect your information.

  • Will we be provided with both the Android and iOS versions of the app?

    Yes , You also have the option to choose just one of the apps

  • Where can customers of our store access the app for downloading?

    Your customers can install your app from either the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.

  • Where is the sales data stored?

    The sales data and all transaction-related information is hosted on the Microsoft Azure server.

  • Is it possible for me to host my store data on my own server?

    Unfortunately, we do not allow for hosting of store data on external servers. Our platform utilizes industry-leading technology, including Microsoft Azure Services, to ensure optimal performance, complete data privacy, and zero app downtime.

  • Are there any fees associated with adding new features or upgrades to the app?

    No, we do not charge customers for adding new features or upgrades to the app, as long as they are subscribed to our services. You will receive all app upgrades with the latest features free of charge.

  • Are the mobile apps built natively or using a hybrid approach?

    The mobile apps developed on ActiveShop are built using a hybrid approach. This allows for a high degree of flexibility in customizing the design and look-and-feel of the mobile view to match the unique branding requirements of your business.

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